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Game in Beta. P2E in later phases.

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Tournament Prizes

The prize pool for this tournament will be seeded with 2M OMI. The prize pool will grow from any paid matches at a rate of 50% of the take. The other 50% will be burned from the total circulating supply of the OMI token.

Top Player Prizes

Place % of Prize Pool # of OMI
1st 14% TBD
2nd 10% TBD
3rd 5% TBD
4th-10th 3% TBD
11th-20th 2% TBD

Random Prizes

10 Random matches will be pulled and both participants will recieve 1.5% of the entire prize pool.


The Terms of Services should be reviewed before participating in the tournament or any other sort of gameplay within the arena. Only ranked matches played between the July 15th "go-live announcement" (signaled by the Points and Levels reset) and the conclusion of July 31st (8pm EST) will count towards the tournament's scoring. Any matches found to be not within the spirit of the game (including but not limited to colluding, throwing, repeatedly playing the same players, abusing any exploits, etc) will disqualify the wallets/Feesh from recieving any prizes. This is a beta tournament and may have some unforseen issues. The Arena will decide anything where there is a grey area to be as fair as possible but the final determination is up to the Arena alone. If you experience any issues please report them immediately on the Feeshcord. Updates will be made as quickly as are safely possible.

Ranked Matches

Each Feesh can participating in 5 free ranked games per day and then pay for up to an additional 5 matches per day. The paid matches will increase the global prize pool and also burn OMI with each successfully included match.

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