Please change your blockchain network to to use this game.
Game in Beta. P2E in later phases.


Welcome to your profile page. Here you can connect your wallets, see your balances, transfer OMI around, and load up on arena things if you please. Blockchain can be difficult -- the Arena hopes to make it as easy as possible. If you are not sure what you are doing please ask for help in the Feesh Cord (It's free.)

Spot (L2/IMX OMI):

This is the OMI used by the Arena for wagers/paying for matches. You can quickly Deposit/Withdraw from the Spot wallet as you wish.

Vault (L2/IMX OMI):

This is the bucket of OMI on Layer 2 that is not able to be used within the Arena actively. You must convert it to your Spot balance for use.

Vault (L1/ERC-20 OMI):

This cannot be used within the Arena/Veve at all -- it must be converted to L2 for that kind of usage. This is mostly for trading on exchanges.

Transfer Layer 2 (Ethereum) OMI

Recieve Layer 2 (IMX) OMI

Click/Tap to Copy Wallet to Clipboard

Bridge Layer 1 OMI to IMX (L2)

First time Bridging? Check out the Full Guide written by Ecomi

Bridge Layer 2 OMI to Ethereum

First time Bridging? Check out the Full Guide written by Ecomi

Ranked Matches

Every day you have the ability to play up to 10 ranked matches to contribute to your points for the leaderboard. Feesh holders get 5 free matches per Feesh per day. After those 5 are played, they may play up to 5 additional matches by paying in OMI (L2).

Fun Points

You can buy points to use to cheer or harass players while you are watching matches. 50% of all OMI recieved for these points are burnt and 50% goes into the current active prize pool.
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