Please change your blockchain network to to use this game.
Game in Beta. P2E in later phases.

Help with Immutable X (IMX)

The Feesh Arena uses the Layer 2 version of the OMI Token for wagers, transactions, and payouts. This allows gas-free blockchain transactions. To use the arena you will MUST connect to the Immutable X blockchain -- even if you have no plans to use the OMI token in any form.


Connecting to IMX on Desktop

Connecting on desktop will require you to have the Metamask Browser extension installed. As a note -- please be VERY careful online talking about Metamask as it can trigger man scammers and bots on social media. If you need help setitng up your Metamask wallet or extension please swing by the FeeshCord ( for free support. After having your Metamask setup simply click the "Connect to IMX" button in the top of the Arena. This will open up a prompt asking you to connect to the IMX chain. This will register your wallet with them and allow you to recieve payouts and also interact with your Layer 2 OMI. If you aren't sure how to get OMI or Layer 2 OMI please see the token information below this section.

Connecting to IMX on Mobile

To use the Arena on mobile you will need the Metamask Mobile Application installed on your phone and have it import the wallet that you use for Feeshes. Most decentralized applications will use the browser within Metamask's Mobile Application to visit and use. Immutable X does things differently. You will be able to use one of the supported Mobile browsers as normal (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and then click "Connect to IMX" in the top of the Arena. Then follow these images/steps clicking where the pink box is:
After you complete this process once you should be set up going forward. If you clear you browser's data you may need to repeat these steps. The final image shows you can confirm you are connected by the LACK of "Connect to IMX" button. If you need help or run into issues, do not worry, there's assistance in the FeeshCord ( for free.

The OMI Token

Transfering OMI from L1 (exchanges) to L2 (Veve/Arena)

Getting OMI (L1) From Uniswap

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