Please change your blockchain network to to use this game.
Game in Beta. P2E in later phases.

The Feesh Arena

Where Feesh train to take down the bots!

Take their health to Zero

Or Repair to 2x your health

Rock Paper Scissors

Meets tug of war

... Then Mind Games!

About Feesh Arena

This is a player vs player game that uses the NFT Project The Feeshes! It is free to play for Feesh holders and will later open to to allow users to pay in the OMI token to partake in ranked matches for prizes and OMI. The game starts off simple in concept but has a very scalable skill ceiling. For more details on how to play visit the How to Play section of the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play?
You will need at least 1 Feesh NFT. Grab one from Then connect your Wallet and create or join a match. Future functionality will allow you to create or join a match using the OMI token if you do not own a feesh. For more detailed explaination visit the How to Play section of the site.
Does my Feesh die if it loses?
Of course not! This is where the Feesh train to see who will be the top Battle Feesh to show those robots whose boss and save all of humanity! Confused on what we mean by Robots? It's all a part of the Story of the Feeshes! You can learn more about the Feeshes' Lore on the Discord channel.
What blockchain does this project use?
The project uses the Ethereum network to read Feesh and do what it needs to do. Airdrops will use Polygon for accessories for the Mechsuits. NO GAS is needed for either network -- we take care of that by using a hybrid solution of on/off-chain fun.
What's the project's discord?
FEESHCord Come and join in the fun. You can also share your leaderboard spot with us on our twitter
Have more Questions? Reach out on Twitter and we'll answer things as quickly as we're able to. Any frequently asked questons will be updated here.
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